“After a Spouse Passes Away” on BYU Radio

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Ever Lost a Loved One? Need some guidance and solutions? “After a Spouse Passes Away” on BYU Radio

Written by: Laricia Lamb

“Grief never ends… But it changes. It’s a passage, not a place to stay. Grief is not a sign of weakness nor a lack of faith. Rather grief is the price of love.” – Author Unknown
Kim Power stilton was such an amazing host as we Starred Live on BYU Radio Channel SiriusXM 143 BYU Radio. Kim Power Stilson, Kristen Patey Lamb, Brooke Christison Cox, and I (Kristen’s daughter Laricia), had such an amazing time together on BYU Radio last weekend. As the show started and the music Q’ed we began dancing in our seats… We would dance because we know that maybe somewhere, someone will be listening or will listen and be able to stand up a little taller knowing that grief is good. Grief is something that we all experience in our own way and that it’s okay to feel sad.

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It was an amazing experience to be on the radio show with three amazing women. We have all been through so much and yet we’ve been able to create inspirational businesses for others to help cope with the grief that we all feel.


It’s not grief that gets us down, Grief gives us the ability to get up and move forward. Grief is the love that we still have for the one we’ve lost. As we talked on the show we went through our different stories of how we lost our loved ones and what it took to get through those losses. It was as though we were walking down memory lane experiencing everything that had happened at the beginning of our personal journeys of grief.


“If for no other reason I want to walk down memory lane because I love running into you.” (unknown)

Brook definitely sent me through memory lane as she shared the story of her son, who completed his eagle project four years after his fathers death. It brought tears to my eyes knowing that her son was able to accomplish so much good by creating a community 5K, “Angel Run”. Everyone could come and run the race for someone they had lost by writing the name of their loved one on their running bib. It was so touching to me when brook said, “Seeing the word DAD written across my sons chest as he ran brought so much peace and comfort to me”. The experiences that theses kids have are the sole reason and purpose that brings meaning to Marked Generation. All those kids that have lost a parent have a place to go to where they can connect with others experiencing similar thoughts and feelings, it’s a safe place they can share their experiences as a sibling, son/daughter, child, and friend.

She reminded me that it is okay to feel grief. Losing someone is quiet possibly the hardest thing that we will ever have to do, and we’ve made it through. WEVE ALREADY MADE IT THIS FAR, we can continue no matter what the trial is. “It doesn’t matter if we don’t make the basketball team or if we don’t make it into the college we wanted because we have already experienced and survived the hardest trial of our life. We made it through that and we can make it through this to…” – Brooke Cox

Marked Generation holds their “Main Event” once during every summer and then they host mini events after the completion of the first camp. They are just starting to branch out of the state of Utah and into Arizona as they host another event this March down in Phoenix. Marked Generation welcomes children and youth ages 8-18 as they come together to listen to speakers and participate in self-esteem building group activities.

Kristen and I were also in tears as we relived the memory of losing my dad. With each passing day the hole in our hearts remains but we build stronger muscles to help us along and give us strength in our journey. Most of all, we are grateful for the visual reminders the statues provide of the love that remains from those who’ve passed on. We are not alone, they are still with us each and every step of the way.

To listen to the podcast from BYU Radio either go to http://www.byuradio.org and click on the Kim Power Stilson Show or click on the link below


You can also listen to the podcast on youtube and stream it directly from your cellular device on iTunes.

Search for the BYU Radio app in Google Play.


Event Update: March 5, 2016

We had the opportunity this weekend to travel down to Arizona for Marked Generation’s first event outside of Utah. We were welcomed by supportive families and excited kids for the fun events and games we had planned.

We had close to 30 kids in attendance for the day camp and enjoyed several seminars and activities given by Guy Johnson – LDS Seminary President, Casey Hermansen – friend of Brooke Cox Marked Generation Founder, and Brock Richardson. Each of these men had lost a parent or family member to death at young ages which gave them the best possible connection to the kids in attendance.PastedGraphic-3

The event theme was that we are all special and have great self worth. Each of these kids walked out of those classes and activities walking just a little bit taller than they were before knowing
that they have already gone through the hardest trial in their life and that they are Marked for greatness.

One of the activities we did was each of us had two pieces of paper and we had to write our greatest strength on the on
and then write one of our fears on the other one. Once this was accomplished Casey asked us, “If you could only keep one of these papers which would you keep?” One of the councilors replied by saying that he would choose fear because it gave him the drive to do better in the future. Casey acknowledged his statement however he had us all crumble up our list of fears as we symbolically let go of them. Our fears do not dictate who we are or what we do they simply guild us in the future to help build our greatest strengths. The spirit in the room at that time was beyond anything i could describe. Each of those kids was letting go of the fears they had once had and walked out knowing that they were amazing people.

Overall we had an incredible experience as we all drew closer together in our trials, each person helping the next has we healed more on our personal journeys of grief.

We wish the best of luck to Marked Generation on their upcoming events this summer and are excited as to what the future will bring for both of our companies.



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