"When grief darkens my sky and bleak emotional clouds roll in, I know my late husband Rob is nearby supporting me... through the veil, that faint partition between life and death. I've counted on his presence as unquestionably as the air I breathe, even though I can't see or touch him. On those difficult days, it makes all the difference."

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"A deep and heartfelt thank you to Kristen Patey Lamb and Still With You for the use of one your reverent and poignant memorial statues in Paul "Cactus Jack" La MARR latest Christian single "Crown of Thorns." The cast and crew felt the strength of the Spirit and a very close connection to the veil while filming an incredibly personal and difficult scene of pain and loss."

Paul Cactus-Jack La Marr

"This last May was the first Mother's Day my wife went through after her moms passing. She tried hard to hide her feelings on the days approaching. I was able to purchase one of the statues for her and had it sitting on the table when she came downstairs that morning. She immediately burst into tears and told me she was trying to be strong and this didn't help. When in all reality she needed to open the flood gates and let it out. It was just what the doctor ordered."

Jared - Utah

"As I sit with eyes on the statue it comes alive as Gary is walking beside me tenderly comforting, guiding, holding me. I love the sweetness, peace I feel as I look at the two of us as one; this side of the veil & that side as we both are walking our journeys. Thank you, I love 'At Your Side'"

XO. Colleen - Utah

"Kristen first told me about her statue line before I ever had the opportunity to see them, and I cried simply in her description. The reality of them was so much more powerful! They are not only beautiful crafted with so clear a vision of comfort and connection, but they bring a feeling of peace and love. I never met my grandmother, who died when my mother was only nine years old. I saw the pain and loneliness of my own mother's being left an orphan, heard the echo of her wondering why her mother had left her, and saw the reality of her constant presence in the statue "I Will Comfort You." It always brings tears to my eyes and love to heart."

Andrea - Alaska

"What do you give someone in memory of a loved one who has passed away? My Fiancée, best friend, sole mate and love of my life was ripped away from me and my girls 18 months ago due to an unexpected and tragic accident. A good friend of mine gave me a "beyond the veil" statue in memory of my baby. When I look at the statue it reminds me of all the good times and memories that I shared with him…. yes my heart hurts from the void that occurred with his passing, but like the statue represents I know he is watching over his family, wanting the best for us, still loving us and can't wait until we can be together forever again."

Rachael - Arizona

"I've often wondered what my dad would think of my future wife and when he died I had this fear wondering if he would approve or not. As the statue came out, I saw the sports which i played, the keys to the car, the graduation cap, the diploma from college, the wedding rings, and him kneeling behind me. It served as a reminder that he is still here with me, and that even though I can't touch him, I feel him. He will still be at my games, sit with me in the car as I learn to drive, will sit next to my mom when I graduate, he'l be handing me my diploma when I graduate from college, and he will be standing right next to me as I hand that ring to my wife. I love the fact that I know he will still be with me."

Garen - age 15.


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